My name is Kelly and I’m a new graduate student earning a Master of Science in Communications at Syracuse University. Prior to starting grad school, I had the wonderful opportunity to work in the offices of Autism Speaks, Teen Vogue, Entertainment Tonight and CBS News. I’m working at 2U Inc right now as a content editor under brand marketing. That’s just a fancy way of saying I edit, write and source a whole lot of content for a bunch of 2U’s partner programs. I’m immersed in the content marketing world every day and that’s why I’m back in school—so I can stay on top of today’s changing media industry. I earned a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Maryland, and I thought it was finally time to step back into the academic world, and I knew enrolling in the Newhouse program was the way to go. Other than working and earning my master’s degree, I’m also busy planning my 2016 wedding! I also love baking, cooking, singing, reading and binge watching the occasional cheesy television show. Think Revenge or How I Met Your Mother. And of course the all-too-wonderful Game of Thrones! 

I digress.

The purpose of this blog is to reflect on the latest discussions in my digital communications course. This blog is for educational and personal use only. I will be sharing my thoughts, reflections and experiences as I move through the graduate program at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. Before I go, I have to mention this: Views are my own and I will always give 200% in making sure quotes are accurate, names are spelled right and words aren’t jumbled. That’s my daily job after all!

Follow me on Twitter @kellymfong and check back every Tuesday and Thursday for new updates!


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